Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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Dr. Anthony Bland’s Vision for Arkansas

 “An Individual That Seeks Peace Does Not Contribute to Chaos.” 



     We live in a time when wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. There are too many people working full-time jobs who still rely on government assistance to put food on the table. Technology is rapidly changing the playing field in business and industry, requiring our education system to adjust in preparing our children for new and exciting opportunities. Despite incredible new technologies, affordable health care is still out of reach for many. Prescription drug prices continue to spin out of control, forcing many to choose between prescriptions or food.

     It’s time for a new generation of leadership with fresh ideas to meet the challenges of rapid change. A new generation of leadership that will bring people together rather than create division and hate. A new generation of leadership that solves problems
and creates trust in our government and its leaders.

     My vision for Arkansas is a vision of government working together with people in our communities to solve problems and implement new strategies to create better opportunities for all Arkansans.





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