Meet Dr. Bland

     Having been involved in civic organizations like the American Red Cross, American Heart
Association, Arkansas Foodbank, Volunteer in Public Schools, Parent Teacher Student Association, Masonic Lodge, Shriners, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and many others since 1996, I have long worked for positive change in Arkansas. My family and I now feel that the time has come for me to seek the elected office of Arkansas

     Secretary of State. I want to bring new ideas, sustainable foundations, and positive solutions as Arkansas Secretary of State. As some people may know, I have always been very concerned about all citizens being aware and utilizing their rights. I believe there are workable solutions available that will enhance individual knowledge, lines of communication, and equality in Arkansas. I would like to see every Arkansas resident receive fair and equal opportunities. No one should be allowed to take away individuals rights.

     Another important issue is voter rights. There have been attempts made to keep individuals  blind and unaware of their rights as a voter. False information was distributed in order to wipe out votes. Attempts from current elected officials paint a picture of deception and hidden agendas.   We need to stop individuals from taking our rights as voters. As Arkansas Secretary of State, I will be the voice of the voters and maintain a structured system that will adhere to the rights and needs of Arkansas  voters.  

In order to serve the people of  Arkansas, I must conduct an aggressive campaign. My Republican opponents desire to continue the legacy of deception that is currently in place. For these reasons, I feel that I must step forward and offer the voters of Arkansas a choice.



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